Sunday, October 25, 2009

Excel Tutorial: the basics

Spreadsheeting, Part 1:
Quick review for entering formulas and basic formatting.

  • Note: To ENLARGE the following videos, simply hit the button in the bottom right corner (right of the Volume/Speaker button and looks like a target).

Spreadsheeting, Part 2: 
Data Manipulation and Charting/Graphing.
(The last sentence ends abruptly at 5-minutes, so don't be concerned if it seems to be chopped off.)

  • Link to above video (on Screenr), or view it on Youtube

Spreadsheet, Part 3: 
Calculating the % of Increase (to measure improvement from Pre-Test to Post-Test). Piece of cake!

Spreadsheeting Part 3: 
Embedding your Data and Chart into a Blog post.

1- Illustrations: Share and Publish as a web page
2- Get a link to the published data -> select HTML to embed in a page

3- Experiment with the frame width and height (as desired)
  • The Default: width =500 may be too narrow. Try 800 or 900.
  • The Default: height=300 may be to short. Try 700 or 800.

NOTE 1: You don't have to publish All Sheets. In the above illustration, one could select the drop-down menu that says All-Sheets and select just the sheet they desire.

NOTE 2: If embedding in a Blog Post -> select the EditHTML tab to paste your embedded coding.

NOTE 3: one can edit the height="300" to a larger number to prevent vertical scrolling.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Google Form demonstration

Demonstration of Google Forms (one of the Google Docs options).
Type in some questions (T/F, Mult Choice, Short answer, Open ended, etc.)
Post Form in a Blog or web site or email to participants.

Students enter and submit their responses.
Google Sheets/Forms instantly updates to master data sheet, including tons of statistical analysis. One can post the results, also.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tech Literacy required for Students & Teachers

Following the short presentation on "The State of Oregon has a specific set of technology requirements for both students and teachers", briefly describe some strategies you could implement at your grade level(s) in order to accomplish this huge task. Suggestions include:
  • Reivew slides #7 - #10 on the Redmond Presentation.
    • One of the richest resources I've found is titled "Wonderful Web2.0 connection to NETS*S by COSN."